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ANW1066PS   Sea Turtle - Medium w/ Inlaid Paua Shell Necklace
ANW1065PS   Sea Turtle - Small w/ Inlaid Paua Shell Necklace
AAW1001SS   Sea Turtle Adjustable Anklet
AAW1001SB   Sea Turtle Adjustable Anklet w/ Beads
SSC1085BC   Sea Turtle Charm
SSC1049DC   Sea Turtle Dangle Dangle
AEW1008GR   Sea Turtle Dangles
AEW1041SS   Sea Turtle Drop Earrings
SSC1084BC   Sea Turtle Enameled Bead Charm
AEW1040SS   Sea Turtle Hoop Dangles
ANW1052SS   Sea Turtle Necklace
AEW1042SS   Sea Turtle Silhouette Earrings
ANW1043SS   Sea Turtle Silhouette Necklace
ANW1072SS   Sea Turtle Silhouette on Black Leather Necklace
AEW1055PS   Sea Turtle w/ Inlaid Paua Shell Post Earrings
ANW1087OP   Sea Turtles Sterling Silver & Blue Opal Necklace
ANW1101SS   Sea Turtles w/ Gold Plate Necklace
AAW1003SS   Seahorse Adjustable Anklet
AAW1003SB   Seahorse Adjustable Anklet with Beads
SSC1035BC   Seahorse Charm
SSC1051DC   Seahorse Dangle Dangle
AEW1061SS   Seahorse Earrings
ANW1046SS   Seahorse Necklace
ANW1081PS   Seahorse w/ Inlaid Paua Shell Necklace
AAW1010SS   Shark Adjustable Anklet
AAW1010SB   Shark Adjustable Anklet w/ Beads
SSC1080DC   Shark Dangle
AEW1070WH   Shell Chip Dangling Earrings
AEW1007WH   Shell Dangles
SSC1054DC   Shell Silhouette Dangle Dangle
ANW1058SS   Shell Silhouette Necklace
ANW1078SS   Shell Silhouette w/ Beaded Chain Necklace
SSC1082BC   Ship's Wheel Charm
SSC1078DC   Ship's Wheel Dangle
AEW1104SS   Ship's Wheel Enameled Earrings
ANW1104SS   Ship's Wheel Enameled Necklace
SSC1052DC   Silhouette Seahorse Dangle Dangle
SSC1050DC   Silhouette Turtle Dangle Dangle
ANW1132OP   Silver & Blue Opal Dangling Starfish Necklace
AEW1135OP   Silver & Blue Opal Sea Turtle Earrings
AEW1133OP   Silver & Blue Opal Starfish Stud Earrings
SSC1000RD   Silver Siren CharmsĀ© Retail Display
SBW1003AN   Small Anchor Charm
SNW1007AN   Small Anchor Necklace
ANW1128OP   Small Blue Opal Starfish Necklace
SSC1047DC   Small Starfish Dangle Dangle
ANW1129OP   Small White Opal Starfish Necklace
SSC1080CB   Smooth Leather Necklace - 3mm
AEW1020WH   Square Pearl Drop Earrings
AEW1021WH   Square Pearl Post Earrings
ANW1030SS   Starfish - Large Necklace
ANW1040SS   Starfish - Small Necklace
AAW1002SS   Starfish Adjustable Anklet
AAW1002SB   Starfish Adjustable Anklet w/ Beads
SSC1033BC   Starfish Charm
SSC1090BC   Starfish Charm
SSC1034BC   Starfish Charm - Gold Plated
AEW1009CO   Starfish Dangles
AEW1048SS   Starfish Earrings - Earwires
AEW1047SS   Starfish Earrings - Posts
ANW1090OP   Starfish Sterling Silver & Blue Opal Necklace
ANW1097OP   Starfish Sterling Silver & Blue Opal Necklace
ANW1086OP   Starfish Sterling Silver & White Opal Necklace
AEW1114SS   Starfish w/ Freshwater Pearl Earrings
ANW1079PS   Starfish w/ Inlaid Paua Shell Beaded Necklace
ANW1068PS   Starfish w/ Inlaid Paua Shell Necklace
AEW1060PS   Starfish w/ Paua Shell Earrings - Earwires
ANW1113SS   Starfish w/ Pearl Dangle Necklace
SSC1026BB   Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet - 3mm
SSC1090BB   Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet w/ snap Lock Clasp
SSC1027CB   Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet - 3mm
SSC1029SB   Sterling Spacer/Stopper Bead
AEW1068SS   Stingray Earrings
ANW1042SS   Stingray Necklace
ANW1059PS   Stingray w/ Inlaid Paua Shell Necklace
AEW1111PS   Stingray w/ Paua Inlay Earrings
HCW1003BG   Storage Bag
ANW1106SS   Swimming Stingray Necklace
SSC1089DC   Toucan Dangle
SSC1020MG   Turquoise Bubbles Murano Glass Bead
SSC1066MG   Turquoise Hawaii Flowers Murano Glass Bead
SSC1021MG   Turquoise Solo Bubbles Murano Glass Bead
SSC1064MG   Turquoise Water Ripples Murano Glass Bead
SSC1071MG   Underwater Fish Murano Glass Bead
SSC1025MG   Water Lily Murano Glass Bead
SSC1028SB   Wave & Water Bubble Stopper Bead
SSC1031SB   Wave Spacer/Stopper Bead
SSC1073MG   Waves & Bubbles Murano Glass Bead
ANW1028WH   Whale Tail - Encircled Pearl Necklace
ANW1032WH   Whale Tail - Framed Pearl Necklace
ANW1033SS   Whale Tail - Silver Hoop Necklace
AEW1039SS   Whale Tail Earrings
ANW1119OP   White Opal Fish Hook Necklace
ANW1125OP   White Opal Snail Shell Necklace

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